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Would you like to start using an efficient laser keyboard? Here we present the best keyboards with these characteristics that you can currently find on the market. Keep reading to enjoy the best keyboards available and review all its features to find the one that best suits your needs.

WIRELESS LASER KEYBOARDRemove term: Laser Keyboard Laser Keyboard

The wireless laser keyboard presented below has the classic English style and will allow you to work quickly and efficiently. Because it has a very high sensitivity. You can use this keyboard with a mobile phone or with a tablet via bluetooh. It also incorporates a mini speaker that will allow you to hear reports issued by voice and even play music.

BLUETOOTH LASER KEYBOARDRemove term: Laser Keyboard Laser Keyboard

This laser keyboard is powered by bluetooh and is ideal for use on all types of flat, non-slip material surfaces. It is a keyboard that is compatible with Android and iOS, as well as Windows XP and Blackberry. It has an efficient lithium battery and is available in four different models and colors.

LASER KEYBOARD WITH VIRTUAL PROJECTIONRemove term: Laser Keyboard Laser Keyboard

Here is an efficient laser keyboard that features virtual projection. This is a high-quality device that is compatible with many electronic devices. It incorporates a speaker, keyboard, and mouse in a simple model and is not suitable for use outdoors or if the lights in a room are too bright.


This laser keyboard is USB charged and has an efficient battery that will run for up to 120 minutes after charging. It is a keyboard with an efficient English design that will provide you with great performance. You can use it with your tablet or with your phone, as well as with your desktop or laptop.

LASER KEYBOARD FOR TABLETS AND IPADRemove term: Laser Keyboard Laser Keyboard

Here we present a high-quality laser keyboard specially prepared so that you can use it with your mobile phone, with your tablet, and even with your iPad or notebook. It is a totally wireless keyboard that works using Bluetooth technology, linking the device with your Ipad or tablet and that will certainly not leave you indifferent because it is really practical and efficient.

LASER KEYBOARD WITH PROJECTIONRemove term: Laser Keyboard Laser Keyboard

The following device that we present to you can be used on all types of opaque surfaces and it is a high-quality model with a good design that is very functional. This device can be used anywhere and it will help you save space on your desk by getting a high-quality keyboard available in the time and way that you want wirelessly just when you need it.

WHITE LASER KEYBOARDRemove term: Laser Keyboard Laser Keyboard

The following wireless laser keyboard is finished in white. It is a high-quality device that works by Bluetooth and is a great option to use with your iPad or your notebook, although it also works with mobile phones and tablets.


Finally, we present you with a laser keyboard specially designed for mobiles and tablets with an efficient English layout. Thanks to this device you will be able to enter all the data you want easily and very quickly. This device has a recognition speed of up to 350 characters every minute. And works with high sensitivity on any flat surface.


We all know the classic keyboard for desktop computers, also wireless keyboards, the keyboard that incorporates laptops, the touch keyboards of today’s tablets or smartphones, etc. Today, technology has gone one step further and the latest milestone in keyboards has reached our days: we are talking about laser keyboards, which will certainly not leave anyone indifferent.

If you are going to choose this type of keyboard to use with any of your devices or technology, we recommend that you bear in mind that it is a very special type of device that will project the keyboard onto any flat surface using an efficient laser.

It is a really practical type of keyboard since when you press each one of the keys it will work in the same way as if it were a classic keyboard.

Undoubtedly it is a technology that is also very efficient because in addition to being portable it does not take up any space since when you are not using the keyboard you will simply have to keep the device where you prefer, gaining space on your desk.