Microsoft HoloLens, The King Of The Party In Build 2015

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Microsoft HoloLens, The King Of The Party In Build 2015

Anyone can be disappointed with the constant delays that surround the Oculus Rift and other similar projects, but after seeing the spectacular demo HoloLens helmet that Microsoft provided on the main stage of its BUILD conference, we can not help but imagine a future bright for this special combo composed of augmented reality and virtual reality.

Microsoft GadgetSome members of the press have said the HoloLens project is more important than any of the other Windows based spells 10. After seeing the spectacular progress recorded HoloLens since its official announcement, it is difficult not to believe. One of the big questions about virtual reality and augmented reality is how it will be with the traditional computer, well, HoloLens root removes the doubt because it is a complete computer, contained in the format of a virtual helmet.

Still, new rules are needed, and fundamentally new software so that the user experience as rich as possible. HoloLens access is still limited, but as a replacement, Microsoft prepared a kind of simulator on the main stage of the 2015 BUILD conference.

The idea of ​​personalizing a physical space with increased elements perhaps not so surprising. In fact, we remember very well the demos that Microsoft Research conducted in the past, which made some emphasis on that aspect. Something remarkable is that HoloLens has the function of converting to different applications of ‘accessories’, such as the motif on the table Reporting climate. Of course, that does not mean others traditional elements have disappeared. With a simple gesture, HoloLens open the main menu, and the process of adding more applications is reduced to a virtual touch. The best part of the show is when the video player follows the user. The verbal command “Follow me” is not unique to the player, it works with any universal app (that name again … I hear very often).

In short: Awesome. If HoloLens does something well in a home environment, imagine what could be achieved with a more professional goal, from engineering to architecture, through 3D design, medicine, and education. HoloLens exhibited not only the current state of technology: also confirmed that the mixture between the two realities can go beyond the consumption, production and enter it successfully. Now it is the unpleasant part, wait.