Badger Waterproof USB Solar Battery Charger – Charging solar module


Badger Waterproof USB Solar Battery Charger – Charging solar module

Being with batteries when you use your smartphone (but also applies to the tablet) is something that creates an objective discomfort. Here is a system that comes to the rescue.

Solar module for charging – At a time when technological gadgets have an important presence in our lives, the possibility (even remotely) to remain without charge produces apprehension. Here’s another solution to the problem.

gadgetToday, mobile devices constantly accompany our days. The continuous presence of smartphones often joins that of tablets, media players and similar gadgets. The problem is that these “gizmos” at some point you download. When this happens, especially for smart phones, it is easy to feel out of place. Unfortunately it happens quite frequently, also due to the growing number of applications and functions of use, which we are now linked.

The concern becomes maximum when you do not have opportunity to supply on hand. Having a source of energy available for use when they feel the need is a magnificent relief, also psychologically. The solar battery waterproof Badger can be a convenient companion adventure to overcome the problem of charging far away from rituals.

It is a module with panels enclosed in a bag-resistant, protected from degradation of the physical elements of nature, which allows to provide energy to the own technological gadget in the moment in which this need becomes apparent, perhaps during a journey. Currently this USB device is subjected to a campaign of crowdfunding on Kickstarter.