The Samsung P3 Portable offers 4 TB of storage in 20 mm thick

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The Samsung P3 Portable offers 4 TB of storage in 20 mm thick

External hard drives are still one of the most popular among users accessories, and Samsung has given a twist to this segment with the launch of Samsung P3 Portable , a device that stands out for two sides. Even three. The first, having a thickness of 20 mm. The second, which is able to provide up to 4 TB of storage.

Samsung GadgetThe third, equally remarkable is that no external power, something traditional units with the large storage capacity. Just use the USB 3.0 connection, and you can enjoy the options of one of the most compact units on the market which, if not more- with that capability.

These units make use of conventional hard drives Seagate Someday they reach the SSD versions, but that there is still some time, and have a size of 82 x 118.2 x 19.85 mm and weighing 236 g for 4TB version (is the maximum, the minimum is 140g for 500 GB). At the unit staff we found solutions SecretZone backup and encryption solution information.

This model will come accompanied by Samsung M3 Portable, a device that inherits many of the features of the P3 but also adds a specific approach to the protection of the unit-and their safety due to SafetyKey- technology to keep our data safe while we are traveling. The two units will be available later this month, and although it has not specified the price, we expect a high cost given those characteristics.