Meizu VS Xiaomi the company prepares PowerBank, WiFi router, fan and smartwatch


Meizu VS Xiaomi the company prepares PowerBank, WiFi router, fan and smartwatch

Big news for Meizu, Xiaomi who is preparing to fight with new interesting accessories

Meizu prepares to surprise the market on June 2 this year: in addition to presenting a new smartphone, namely the successor Meizu M1 notes, we know today as the Blue Charm Note 2 is expected to launch products that will put directly in competition with the fearsome Xiaomi; talk, to be exact, a Power Bank , a WiFi router, a fan and a smartwatch that could prove even a smartband in short, for fans of Chinese products – but quality – the surprises will not be at all a few. We take stock of the situation.

GadgetEverything appeared on Weibo, where four posters have allowed us to recognize just the four products mentioned just now: the Power Bank, which at this point should be convenient at least like Xiaomi; a WiFi router, which should be portable; a ventilator, which will compete with Mifan; Finally, a smartwatch, on which we know little or nothing, but that could surprise us, since this market is yet to be explored, as companies have already launched fior fior of clocks around the world.

Xiaomi can earn for good not so much thanks to smartphones – has not so many on the market – as with accessories, and this business model is exactly what many companies are looking with interest to increase their revenue: we’ll see, In short, if Meizu will have the same success, and, above all, if it will propose that it will appeal to all consumers. We, of course, we will keep you updated.

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