Full HD vs 4K / UHD projectors


Full HD vs 4K / UHD projectors

This is undoubtedly one of the dilemmas we face many home theater enthusiasts we are considering the possibility of renewing our domestic projector. For one, the Full HD technology has reached full maturity, which caused us to have access to a huge amount of content in this format, and also that the market offers a great variety of projectors with this resolution with a first division performance and a great price.

GadgetThe problem is that the content UHD “will take off” sooner or later, either by the services in streaming, either through replacing physical format called Blu-ray Disc as we know it. And when that happens the Full HD projectors will not allow us to enjoy the increase represents UHD resolution, which in my opinion can make a difference as long as we project onto screens of 80 inches or more. What can we do?

Three different scenarios

The sensible if we are to give a refined answer to this question is to ask three possible scenarios. The easiest to resolve, although it is less common, is played by an amateur with a loose budget, and therefore can afford to spend a significant amount on your next projector. In this case I have clear: I would with a native 4K projector. The brand that has the most interesting portfolio is now Sony.

If our budget is much more limited than is usual, the decision is more delicate. Native 4K projectors are discarded because they cost a fortune, so far, so open to us two scenarios: either we get with a Full HD projector with a good price / quality ratio, and leave open the possibility of renewal when 4K / UHD price reduction devices, or we consider an alternative option, which is the most interesting for me because it allows us to give greater value to our investment.

The latter strategy is to bet on a projector with full HD panels, but is capable of manipulating images in UHD technology by displacement of pixels. This is the solution we propose brands such as JVC and Epson with his new PowerLite Pro Cinema LS10000. A projector as these brands no longer a solution “compromise” between Full HD and 4K / UHD, but we offer a great service today, with Full HD content, and will be ready to accept input signals UHD when these contents become popular.

Currently the most interesting model with this technology is the JVC DLA-X500 and although it is not at all cheap, is far from the other models.