TomTom Bandit action cam with easy editing

action cam

TomTom Bandit action cam with easy editing

The TomTom brand is best known for satellite navigation systems. Now the Dutch company broadens horizons.

TomTom Bandit is the name of an action cam easy to use that marks the arrival in this segment of the famous Dutch producer, whose fame knows no boundaries for systems of satellite navigation.

action camThis new proposal focuses on ease of use and simplification of editing video, made more accessible to those not particularly familiar with the technology and the rules for its use and enjoyment.

The particular product segment is being enriched with new-fangled items, for the growing interest of the public, which feeds into an increasingly strong demand in a market where GoPro says the lion’s share. TomTom Bandit directly integrates a media server, eliminating the need to download the video before you can edit it. It supports WiFi and Bluetooth and has a microSD slot and USB 3.0 port.

The equipment also includes motion sensors and an integrated GPS module, to immediately identify the moments at higher index of adrenaline, according to certain parameters, such as speed, heart rate, acceleration etc.

The choice, of course, can also be made manually, according to the preferences of the user. With this model, TomTom offers a solution which is simplified the process of processing of video, leaving considerable room for the possibility of sharing on the appropriate online platforms.

With the Bandit, you can do video work, with many mounting options including, without transferring the contents of a computer beforehand.