Dell Venue 10, a new Android tablet with detachable keyboard


Dell Venue 10, a new Android tablet with detachable keyboard

New Android tablet coming from Dell here Venue 10 with removable keyboard

It is not the first time we are featuring Dell this week: a few days ago we told you about Dell Venue 8 7000 and today we are here to offer Dell Venue 10, tablet with a much larger display than what we already know, as well that a removable keyboard that makes it, actually, a 2 in 1 perfect, based on Android.

The tablet has not yet been officially presented: the first leaks that have come directly from his account GFXBench, where among other things we talk about a 6-inch display (and it is wrong because we are a Dell Venue 10). The rest of the specifications are still unknown, although the screen resolution should be equal to 2560 x 1600 pixels (such as Dell Venue 8 7000), which should get the RAM to 2 GB and internal storage, however, should reach the 16 GB: in short, they are excellent, although there are still a number of elements to evaluate the overall tablet.

The design of the new DeTabletll Venue 10 should stand as a fairly light and thin, with a bulge at the bottom, because that right there will be the battery (let’s say that it is similar to some Lenovo tablet we already know). You still need to see the price, but we doubt that a company like Dell will offer low figures or accessible to everyone, because we are talking about a 2 in 1 tablet, which already have some very high prices.