Samsung Blink Gear, new rumors about smart glass with Tizen


Samsung Blink Gear, new rumors about smart glass with Tizen

Here are the latest rumors about Samsung Gear Blink, the SmartGlass that Samsung is expected to launch the most famous and Google Glass

We had already talked about Samsung Blink Gear in the past , assuming that the first glasses of the company should be called just that. Today we have more rumors about this wearable technology and it seems that the presentations have already been set: it speaks, in fact, in March 2015, and the date should not be surprising, given that the brand of eyeglasses has already been registered in recent months.

SmartglassA launch several rumors about Samsung Gear Blink was Sam Mobile, Samsung site close to the environment and that several times – as the most informed certainly will – he guessed his predictions and proven not invent anything: the website has published drafts of the possible Samsung Gear Blink by making a summary of their characteristics and giving different information.

These SmartGlass Samsung may have several interesting features, since they compete with Google Glass : in fact, from the photos posted by Sam Mobile learn that the keyboard display may occur on other devices, or even on the hands; a feature – it – really interesting, though still too shrouded in mystery to be fully understood. All, however, should be handled by Tizen, the operating system that Samsung is planning to invest a lot and that could prove to be a big surprise in the future (as long as Android does not put before KO).

The design of Samsung Blink Gear could change, of course: we’ll see if the device will be ready for the next IFA or for the next Mobile World Congress 2015.