Motorola Moto Hint, very special Bluetooth headsets


Motorola Moto Hint, very special Bluetooth headsets

The headphones that Motorola has are really nice here is Motorola Moto Hint

It’s called Motorola Moto Hint and it is an accessory that some ‘expected from’ IFA 2014 the company, as it had been sent an online teaser trailer that did not think about anything else. We’re talking about very special headsets, which will be sold in different colors and can be distinguished not only small but also because they are characterized by a very nice design and they certainly have noticed in photos. Let’s see the details.

GadgetMotorola Moto Hint consist of a base that acts as a portable rechargeable obviously from housing and are equipped with ten hours of talk time: this makes it a device to hold definitely consider, especially if you consider that supports continuous listening mode Moto X; This means that you can control the Motorola without using your hands. Do not misunderstand: it is not that the headphones are only compatible with Motorola; the important thing is that these devices support the Bluetooth 3.0 standard.

But let’s get to the price and output: the release date has not yet been announced, but the availability should be almost immediate for the American market; regarding the price, well, just do not expect anything costoto: Motorola Moto Hint costs 149.99 dollars, so over a hundred euro and definitely will not be available to everyone. If they are confirmed also for the European market, however, our advice is to give it a little thought: these headphones are really beautiful.