Samsung VR Gear in the video, here’s how to see the new display for virtual reality


Samsung VR Gear in the video, here’s how to see the new display for virtual reality

Here’s Samsung Gear VR viewer for virtual reality, is shown in video

Although there piacerebe have a lot of other videos, Samsung Gear VR does not need much introduction thanks IFA in Berlin in 2014 , in fact, we know now that this is a new viewer for virtual reality that was presented in occasion of the announcement of Samsung Galaxy Note 4; The company, moreover, has set up an official website in which he presented in detail, without forgetting features and technical specifications.

TechThe viewer is a collaborative effort between the North Korean company and Oculus, and today is shown in a video – the opening – which highlights the features. As you know, at the moment there are still many titles available, but those who have tried the sensor have emphasized the most complete immersion (on the other hand, you can not blame them, if you consider the proposed video, shot – as specified The company – with Zoom Samsung Galaxy K).

The contents of the movie

If you have not seen the movie, you know that it is a video focused almost exclusively on VR Temple Run (Imagine result of collaboration between and Samsung), some live shows (circus) and movies (The Avengers); everything has been prepared, in other words, for the analysis interface designed for the new viewer and then, once you’ve seen the video, you’ll know how you can actually see with Samsung Gear VR.

We can only wish you good vision, reminding the viewer that costs 199 euro sum ​​to be added, of course, to the 769 that you will spend for Samsung Galaxy Note 4, with which the new Gear VR is compatible.