Headphones Philips Fidelio X2


Headphones Philips Fidelio X2

In the rich collection of novelties brought by the Dutch house at the salon German technology, there are different headphones, offers the temptation of potential buyers.

IFA 2014 in Berlin, which will run until September 10, is putting on display a wide assortment of novelty in the field of hi-tech. Among the extensive range of exhibitors at the German festival, an area of great importance is touching Philips, present with several innovations, including in the field of audio.

GadgetAmong the new headset revealed by the giant Dutch are the Fidelio X2, pointing up. These creatures promise a warm sound and accurate, clear and ample, with rich bass and harmonious notes. The membrane layers to control the movement and the sensitive frequency response contribute in important ways to the result, giving listening experience level, offering the sensory benefit of users, in exchange for a cost of 299.99 euro, will live notes of happy pleasure.

The harmonious design announces the value of these headphones, molded from lightweight materials and quality, but the aesthetic is always subjective, so others might not like their external image. The writer speaks of a great level of comfort in different operating situations: we have no reason to doubt it.

The advanced architecture of the Fidelio X2, with rear opening, eliminates the buildup of air pressure behind the driver, neodymium 50mm, giving a power output in high definition and a natural sound reproduction. The new cable, taking up limited, reduces distortion and interference, so that even the smallest detail can be heard with clarity. This also serves to understand the care with which they are designed.