BeoLab 20 total white wireless speaker for Danish


BeoLab 20 total white wireless speaker for Danish

In the technology space, white is a color very popular, because it paints the notes of modernity with the right nuance, full of candid sophistication.

BeoLab 20 is also available in all-white, like many high-tech tools of the contemporary era. The fashion of white, revived the great from the first edition of the Apple iPhone, it is used more and more extensive technological universe, better than other colors because it expresses the essence, especially in those products where you want to enhance the aesthetic purity that preserves their sophistication.

GadgetIn the new look, the look of the BeoLab 20 earn extra charm, at least in my opinion, combining the best of form and function, in a remarkable grasp of sculptural minimalism, combined with a great musical power to premium listening experience, with the possibility of wireless connection to the new BeoVision Avant 85 or more compact 55-inch.

In this speaker from the floor the Danish company provides proof of his competence. The device promises a high level musical, able to satisfy the most refined tastes. With the Immaculate Wireless Sound, playing the songs done with extreme fidelity to the sensory benefit of those who are listening.

The model, powerful and refined, is pleasing to the eye with the alchemy of style, the result of attention to detail commendable.

The appearance is, in general, similar to that of an inverted cone, perfectly integrated with the domestic settings chic, because the eye wants its part, especially for a high-end product, which must also provide an image of adequate profile. With white, the effect is even more pleasant.

As written before, this wireless speaker is a perfect match to the sophisticated TV BeoVision Avant, unleashing its full power in surround configuration, for cutting very exciting cinematic experience: what search users.