Com 1: Wear Android is not just for large manufacturers


Com 1: Wear Android is not just for large manufacturers

What we have been seeing so far are works of the leading manufacturers of the market, those who have the capacity to create and miniaturize components to be accommodated in such a small device like a clock.

Wear Android Watches born in LG, Samsung or Motorola, to very quickly move to a second generation as advanced as the 360 Moto or LG G Watch R, circular screens. It is a scenario in which small manufacturers seem to have little sting.

GadgetNot from the software point of view, that there seems Google offers all the necessary materials, but of that possibility of a hardware so new and special. Well, now we are seeing that small projects try to push through competition for them, even if it must rely on funding initiatives.

Called Com 1, Indiegogo found in an initial proposal that intends to become a reality in December this year. Square design, sexy thongs, stainless steel, water resistance, and a completely different internal hardware.
Innovating with the hardware, not Qualcomm

Yes, here are the main difference with its noble competitors, and it happens that Com1 and Qualcomm Snapdragons, and adopts an unknown chipset developed by Ingenic (Ingenic JZ4775 XBurst). It has not even ARM design, is passed to the least exploited alternative MIPS.

Designed by Imagination Technologies, assume you have created a specially designed hardware for a smartwatch or small device, instead of wanting to miniaturize an existing chipset. From the standpoint of compatibility, it seems that no problem Android Wear through ART.

The specifications that pass us, as an AMOLED screen with 320×320 pixel resolution, 400mAh battery that promises two days of use, and always interesting GPS receiver that we can wear on your wrist.

Be more complicated than Android extends into clocks on phones or tablets, elements that have been easier to make from scratch, but do not forget that Android Wear is open and gradually we will be finding that arrive less known partners to platform.

Sure bring fresh air and new, but it seems really difficult to fight in technology and prices with major players in the market. There is also grace over other platforms, such as Apple Watch, which will focus on a single model for the generation of smartwatches.

Hopefully Com 1 be so lucky as a co-initiative – and ahead of its time – called Pebble. For now we know that Com 1 wants to be available for $ 125 for those who help with funding, and the final price would be $ 175. In any case lower than the current competition.