Nixie, drone wrist with Intel chips here is a new jewel


Nixie, drone wrist with Intel chips here is a new jewel

It’s called Nixie and is a drone that would bind to the wrist and then break off and take some pictures here the first details

It’s called Nixie and is still a project in development: was presented during a competition organized by Intel, where they were ten to arrive at the final stage. We do not know yet if Nixie be able to finish first in this race, but, if it were to succeed, we doubt that the company will leave the project unfinished: the prize, in fact, is equal to 500 thousand dollars (and all ten companies have already had a prize of 50 thousand).

DroneWithin Make it Wearable – this, the name of the competition – in short, you are saying Nixie first drone to four propellers which is a wearable device for all purposes: as you can see in the video, in fact, the bracelet can be disconnected from the wrist and can fly following our instructions (next to the commands and data via smartphone or tablet should stand out even those given through gesture).

What future for the drone Nixie?

Cristoph Kohstall, leader of the project, talked about the fact that this drone could arrive one day to break away from the arm, take pictures, and then return to your own (you have to understand, however, how to be able to recognize the various wrists). It is a drone still in the embryonic stage, but the Intel chip Edison is able to handle this connection a distance and is normal, therefore, that the team continues to bet and to work on it.

Meanwhile, the competition continues November 3 and we will know if the team will win these 500 thousand dollars.