WEDG promises private cloud storage and the (very) safe


WEDG promises private cloud storage and the (very) safe

Debate about may celebgate has served to enhance awareness about the importance of cloud services, security, and content that we share in them. Coincidence or not, there is a project of British origin that focuses on just that: have a safe in the cloud to share files between our devices of all kinds.

GadgetWEDG is a hard drive connected Indiegogo seeking funding in a very interesting claim: we can have all our data in a private cloud to consume from any of our devices. The difference compared to other models? That everything is 512-bit encryption to prevent the curious from accessing the content store.

A private, secure and versatile cloud

With 1TB capacity (and finishes of all kinds) this hard drive stores information that can then access it from anywhere through a protected 512-bit encryption system. Given that this is a private storage connected, it is clear that security should be important.

The management of encrypted keys is on us. If you want to give specific permissions for others to access documents, we can do OpenPGP public key. Not only is a “Dropbox” to assemble us. We can also use it as a media server on a TV mount and even own mail server with the domain that we want (as long as you have hired, of course).

It can be configured as a server and supports FTP, MySQL and HTML so we can install CMS or web tools of all kinds. An interesting point is that an API WEDG be released so that developers can tailor applications and compatible with this hard drive.

The project is funding three days and has already gotten 60,000 of the 70,000 pounds has been proposed to get here Nov. 21. If you’re curious and want to get him on 219 pounds can be yours. I think the idea is good, but also bragging security must also prove it. The first units will arrive in March 2015.