ARRI Alexa 65 film cameras are passed to 6.5K


ARRI Alexa 65 film cameras are passed to 6.5K

For those who do not know, the ARRI Group is a provider of film crew based in Germany, and as you would expect no manufactures cameras for the general public, the priority here is the picture quality fullscreen. His latest creation is called ARRI Alexa 65.

¿4K? What if you have a team capable of recording what we could call 6.5K. The maximum resolution of video work this wonder is 6,560 x 3,102 pixels, and does so with the dynamic range – 14 steps, near 18 Red Dragon – expected in a camera intended for the professional sector and cinema.

GadgetThe secret to getting these specifications is in the new A3X 65 mm sensor, CMOS type, which is three times larger than the Super 35 format is the largest sensor of its kind in the market, with an active area of Image of 54.12 x 25.59 mm.

As far as lenses are concerned, ARRI takes medium format Hasselblad to work with the new sensor, with up to eight new targets, ranging from 24-300 to 50-110 mm. Zoom lenses offer other brands depend on the host system on the market.

Obviously we will not expect a lightweight product, with all the circuitry and necessary elements to record video to much quality. The new ARRI weighs 10.5 kilos, and is somewhat thicker than previous models of the brand, because you have to accommodate the new sensor.

Price and availability, there is nothing stated by ARRI. Initially it will be rented exclusively for certain customers who go profitability taking this diamond in the world of video recording.