Philips monitors with IPS-ahva technology Adobe RGB


Philips monitors with IPS-ahva technology Adobe RGB

About performs complex works in front of a monitor, a need for a perfect representation of the colors. The need touches especially professionals, which Philips offers a new option of choice.

monitorThe Philips monitor IPS-ahva, equipped with technology PerfectKolor calibration with Adobe RGB, promises color uniformity to all professionals. This 27-inch display is meeting the needs of those, especially in the field of highly professional, they need to have a very high accuracy on the front and sleeves.

The product we are dealing with offers accurate images and high resolution thanks to 10-bit color, and Philips technology SmartUniformity Flicker-Free.

In operational areas where the approximation is a deficit, have solutions that exceed certain limits is of great importance. I think in particular to graphic design, exploration geophysics, the digital prepress and other stuff like that, to give an idea of ​​how the theme will be the primary.

The monitor weblog Philips is able to play more than one billion colors, with a very high level of loyalty. This translates into sure help for the working practices of its users, even in terms of uniformity and accuracy.

This LCD screen then adheres to the needs of particular level. With the adjustment color customized six-axis, PerfectKolor allows you to have the colors of the display always well managed, even in activities that require absolute precision.

This product images promise to be natural, without nuances and problems of color banding. With metrics SmartUniformity, the display adjusts itself to compensate for fluctuations in brightness and color in the different areas of the screen, with results of high quality, even for applications such as photography and scientific imaging.

The IPS-ahva is equipped with MultiView technology, which lets you connect to multiple sources simultaneously.