Mr.Nuc V6, from China a mini-PC with Intel Core i3 for $ 300


Mr.Nuc V6, from China a mini-PC with Intel Core i3 for $ 300

Mr.Nuc V6 is a new kit mini-PC based on Intel Core i3 Haswell and inserted at a price of $ 300. Despite its name, however, the device has nothing to do with the line of Intel NUC.

GadgetWith the passage of time the category of mini-PC continues to gain popularity and the segment is increasingly diverse and rich offerings. Starting from small and humble equipment proposed by Rasperry for a few tens of dollars, and suitable for a variety of projects, you get more powerful configurations such as those introduced by the line Brix of Gigabytes and lineup NUC developed by Intel.

We are not, however, to speak of a new member of the family of mini-PC consists of the company based in Santa Clara, even if the name of the product in question would leave just assume that it is this.

The mini computer Mr.NUC V6 is manufactured in China by a company that has nothing to do with Intel, but that does not seem to refrain from exploiting the name of that lineup.

The aforementioned mini-pc still has all it takes to be a good match. His concept part of a frame that measures 100 x 100 x 50 mm with an attractive design. Inside it is nothing less than an Intel Core i3-4010 with a frequency of 1.7GHz in the family Haswell with Intel HD Graphics 4400. Rounding out the amenities are a slot for mSATA solid state disk, one s lot 2 , 5 inches that can accommodate a SSD or HDD and two SODIMM slots supporting up to 16GB of RAM. The ranks of the interfaces has 4 USB 3.0 ports, mini-HDMI, audio jack, Ethernet, mini DisplayPort, IR port, VESA plate for mounting and a 4GB USB drive with the drivers to install Windows.