Cubii: Bluetooth trainer to practice in the office


Cubii: Bluetooth trainer to practice in the office

Working in the office has its advantages, but there are negative implications associated with this professional status, where no movement. Cubii tries to get around this problem.

gadgetCubii is a device that meets the needs of modern society, where more and more people lead a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy. Technology can be attributed a significant share of responsibility.

Think of the great sessions at the computer, even in the home. If so, on the one hand, produces advantages and convenience, the other prevents making a physical effort to get something, as happens, for example, to the masons or farmers.

The trend seems to get stronger, because the universe hi-tech allows more often to get rid of a common environment to work in the physical sense, to allow freedom of remote operation of its business. This leads sometimes to not even get out of the house.

Even employees are usually sitting for hours in their workplaces, with minimal possibility of movement. So does not loosen stress and do not burn calories. In a nutshell, it lacks the minimum dose of physical activity that you would need.

It ‘the same technology to try to solve the problem, with different solutions. One of these is the new Cubii, which could help you to work out even in the office. This portable device allows good doses of dynamism, offering a movement similar to that produced by a cycle ride. It is a kind of trainer, to be put under a desk, low enough to prevent the legs from hitting the writing plane.

The object can also connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. With a dedicated app, users can monitor the scenario and keep track of their performance, maybe sharing them with others.