Xiaomi 15-inch laptop with Linux presented a surprise January 15!


Xiaomi 15-inch laptop with Linux presented a surprise January 15!

Leaked on the net the first images of a 15-inch laptop Xiaomi with Linux

When talking about Xiaomi, usually immediately think to smartphones. Today, however, we are here to tell you about a project that has not been confirmed by the Chinese company, but that is far from being as unreliable rumor, since, after all, still speak of a device already seen.

gadgetSure, it seems strange that to produce it will Xiaomi, especially if you think you’re talking about a 15-inch laptop that will not mount the Windows operating system but Linux, among others with its own distribution custom. We see all the details.

We learned of the existence of this small computer from some images leaked on the net: if the rumors are confirmed, the portable solution Xiaomi should be to directly challenge the MacBook Air from Apple , obviously with similar specifications but with much lower price (remember at all, in fact, that Xiaomi E4 is a portent phone, while being sold at very low prices ). What you see below is the data sheet that is circulating on the laptop:

  • Intel Haswell i7-4500U;
  • RAM 16 GB;
  • Full HD 15-inch display;
  • Linux operating system.

Very good, even the price: it seems, in fact, that the company is interested in launching this laptop to $ 481. We will update you as soon as we have more information available.