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New portable monitor 4K 15-inch Toshiba with switch between 2D and 3D


The new Toshiba 15-inch monitor will switch between 2D and 3D here is the latest rumors

The new Toshiba 15-inch monitor has not been officially presented by the company, so we have very few details about him. The few we have, however, allow us to have a clear idea of what the company has created for the consumer: the goal, in fact, is to offer the highest quality in the industry , promising not only a size but also a high resolution 4K, with the option to switch between the two and three dimensions. Let’s see all the details first.

MonitorThe market for 4K monitor is not in crisis , indeed: according to sales recorded in the last quarter and analysts’ estimates, it seems that the industry will witness a real boom in the next year; that is why it is not surprising that companies like Toshiba are doing everything possible to improve its offer, proposing new models at ever lower prices. This should be the case, although we have no evidence yet available to us.

The proposal concerns the world moving : the monitor, in fact, is a portable 4K diagonal 15 inches that allows you to switch between 2D and 3D modes, without this going to affect image quality, and without the need to use the 3D glasses. At the moment, that’s all, but it is sure that the company will make the presentations at next year’s CES : of course, we will keep you updated.

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