Headphones HP Meliconi 50 practical, comfortable and functional

Headphones HP Meliconi 50 practical, comfortable and functional

The company’s legendary salvatelecomando, which launched over the years many convenient facilities, expanded its catalog.

Meliconi HP50 headphones are another digression brand in aftermarket audio and expand the product line for listening to the seven notes … and beyond.

HeadphoneWith comfortable pavilions ovoid able to adapt perfectly to the shape of each ear, offering both comfort and sound isolation from ambient noise. Due to the pleasant and ergonomic use contribute adjustable headband with numbered notches, the lightweight construction and the presence of a 5 meters long cable antinodes.

The new headsets are stylish and offer the look with style. Meliconi also promises a high fidelity in the enjoyment of music or of the best TV shows, which are the underlying reason of such gadgets.

The famous company of telecommunications, TV accessory specialist, offers better sound quality worthy of the expectations (sensitivity 105 dB), for a product that has a retail price of approximately the next 25  dollars.

Headphones we are dealing quickly connect to your TV and other audio sources, such as DVD, Blu Ray, sound systems Hi-fi, smartphones, MP3 players, PCs, gaming consoles and so on. In three words, they are: practical, attractive and functional.