Pepper is selling like hotcakes, the robot trying emotions conquer Japan


Pepper is selling like hotcakes, the robot trying emotions conquer Japan

The robot you see in the picture is called Pepper and knows how to recognize emotions Japan went like hot cakes

Many of you are no doubt familiar with and someone else, instead, will associate the name Pepper in some strange electronic gadget, we are here today to tell you about just him, a robot that is able to feel emotions and that within one minute showed a full house; remember, in this regard, which was put on sale in Japan on June 20 and 10 at 10.01, therefore, already there was no possibility to buy it.

RobotsThe success of Pepper is easily explained: the human-looking robots with articulated fingers and artificial intelligence capable of developing and potentiality, Pepper is able to experience emotions; no need, in short, for the usual housework or to simplify one of the many operations that you are working on drones, but just to talk and vent (if any relationship does not lead electroscopic and surrealistically, since only speak with a robot is not a normal behavior).

Chat with Pepper is simple, since the robot was designed to do just this, the success depends on its promises from the company Softbank. The price is obviously high, even if the company decided to sell Pepper underpriced in the coming years: we speak, to be precise, of $ 1,600, but may decrease or increase in other markets, the objective of SoftBank, in fact, sell the robot around the world, collaborating with companies like Foxconn and Alibaba. We, of course, we will keep you updated on all developments.

Pepper, here is the robot that can feel emotions

The news is surprising, given that we are talking about a robot – Pepper – able to feel emotions: of course, we are not in front of a machine with moods complex (no paranoia for romance gone wrong, no worries about the fees payable at year end none of this, in short); Pepper, however, has been designed as a “robot companion” and just to learn how to decipher and express human emotions.

The invention is all Japanese, because the humanoid was strongly backed by Softbank Corporation, operator and Internet telephone that the Japanese made ​​use of the talents of the team of the French Aldebran and assembly capacity of the Taiwanese Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd. In short, the Japanese idea, which has also contributed some European.

At the moment, we do not have much information about Pepper, but it is assumed that the robot, sold approximately 198 thousand yen (then $ 1900), you can learn not only to understand but also to express human emotions; today understands well 4 thousand 500 Japanese words, but the most surprising fact is that seems to be able to understand even the tone in which they are spoken within a sentence. The general manager of Softbank Corporation, Masayoshi Son, has also revealed that a prototype of the robot will serve customers in a store Softbank of Japan.

Such experiments have already been conducted in the past – we have even done on film – but this Pepper seems to have something more, we look forward to updating you on his behalf and to speak in more detail of his skills.