LG KizON the wearable baby arrives


LG KizON the wearable baby arrives

It is not a new development, but now makes its landing in our stores, causing a good deal of interest.

LG KizON arrives on the market, offering himself with the notes of his seductions. This wearable, of which there were widely employed, is designed to give additional doses of tranquility to parents with children between four and eight years old, when they are forced to move away from them.

WearableOf course, at that age, children can never be alone. Sometimes it bets on the help of grandparents or aunts, sometimes making use of the baby-sitter. If the childcare facilities are open, it is also referred to them, because the children are the most precious and can not be managed in a superficial way.

The support of others, however, may not be enough to give peace of mind to the parents, who now have one more tool to have a real-time monitoring of their descendants.

Thanks to the device which we are concerned, equipped with GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity, Mom and Dad can rely on real-time location, at any time to display the location using their smartphone and the app dedicated.

Functionality One Step Direct Call allows parents and children to get in touch. Through a smartphone running Android 4.1 or higher you can allow some phone numbers to call wearable. If the baby does not respond within 10 seconds, KizON automatically activate the audio, for interaction.

You can also hoose a preset number that children can call with ease, simply that they press the button once One Step Direct Call to dial.

Technical specifications

• Network: 2G GSM (900MHz / 1800MHz)
• Location Services: A-GPS, WPS (WiFi Positioning System)
• Memory: 64MB RAM / 128MB ROM
• Battery: 400mAh
• Dimensions: 34.7 x 55.2 x 13.9mm
• Weight: 42.87g
• Available colors: Blue, Pink