Waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker, Logitech UE Roll good buying opportunity


Waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker, Logitech UE Roll good buying opportunity

One speaker cheap, waterproof and portable all the features of Logitech UE Roll…

Today we present Logitech UE Roll, a speaker Bluetooth handset that has on his side not only a decent performance, but also the compact size and an affordable price: the speaker, in fact, it weighs just over 300 grams and grains more or less As a standard CD has on its part, however, the certification IPX7, and therefore is completely waterproof and can be used, therefore, both in the shower is in the rain, without that these can damage it.

SpeakerThe speaker Logitech UE Roll is equipped with a USB connector and an AUX protected by a plastic cover, which avoids problems with the dust. The device can not be used for diving, and therefore can not be brought into the pool, for example; This does not mean, however, that in the future will not reach other solutions, Logitech, in fact, seems intent on realizare a bundle with floating bearing, which could solve the problem, although not entirely. The speaker can be used conveniently in the shower with a bungee cord, since it will be the latter that will allow you to fix it everywhere do not worry even falls, because Logitech UE Roll is also designed to withstand accidental drops.

As for performance, do not expect certainly that of a sound system of the last generation, however, because we speak of a speaker Bluetooth from $ 99, there is an application, however, that will allow you to equalize the sound according to your needs, without wasting too much battery: remember, in this regard, that the Logitech UE Roll ensures autonomy of up to nine hours.