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5 key features of the Lenovo smart display

The new Lenovo Smart Display arrives at the stores, a smart screen with the loudspeaker and compatible with Google Assistant.

Presented at the last technology fair in Las Vegas CES 2018, Lenovo’s new smart screen has already begun to be distributed in physical and online stores. A screen with loudspeaker and WiFi connectivity, compatible with the Google Assistant. So that we can understand each other easily, imagine that the new intelligent Google Home loudspeaker had a screen, keeping even that ‘Nordic design’ in white, adding a woody touch.

We anticipate what are the 5 key features of the new Lenovo Smart Display, a new tool to make your home an even smarter space.


Tell the Lenovo Smart Display ‘Ok Google’ and let the fun begin. Imagine you want to make a cake but you have no idea where to start. What better way to ask the screen to offer you a video that teaches you how to make a cake? The possibilities are enormous, being able to visualize what time it takes, asking you to remind you of pending tasks … Everything you already demand from the Google Assistant but adding a screen. Just what makes the Google Assistant a really helpful help!


Surely you remember in more than one Science Fiction movie how the characters had conversations through screens. The Lenovo Smart Display brings this technology home, placing the screen vertically and leaving the speaker at the bottom. Much more comfortable than with a laptop or mobile. After all, it’s not that you can not make video calls with other devices, but as you can see in the picture below, with the Lenovo Smart Display they get a better sense. Keep reading- 10 GADGETS FOR YOUR BABY IF YOU’RE A TECH DAD OR MOM


Depending on your budget, you can buy the Lenovo Smart Display in two screen sizes, 8 inches, and 10 inches. We go with the measures of the first option:

Width x height: 142.21 x 263.21 millimeters

Thickness: 12.5 – 111.36 millimeters

Weight: 1 kilo

The resolution of the 8-inch screen is HD and has an angle of view of 86º. The 8-inch version is available in gray. The 10-inch version is offered to the public in bamboo color.

The 10-inch screen contains a Full HD resolution and these dimensions:

Width x height: 173.87 x 311.37 millimeters

Thickness: 12.5 – 136.02 millimeters

Weight: 1,200 kilos

In the audio section, we also find differences in the size of the speakers. The 8-inch version contains two 1.75-inch speakers and the 10-inch version reaches the two 2-inch speakers each.

As for the processor, both contain the same machine. We are talking about a Qualcomm Snapdragon 624 eight-core processor with a clock speed of 1.8 GHz and a RAM of 2 GB.

THE PRICELenovo smart display

No, we still do not have prices available in Europe, but surely they have the same price as in dollars, without doing the conversion, as it usually happens in this type of devices. The 8-inch version costs $ 200 and the 10-inch version costs $ 250.

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