7 reasons that will convince you to use the electric bicycle

7 reasons that will convince you to use the electric bicycle

Still, do not decide to use or not an electric bike? In this article, we show you 7 reasons that will convince you, even if from time to time. Do you want to know what they are?

The  electric bicycle  is like a normal bicycle but with an electric motor. This can be on the rear wheel, front or on the bottom bracket; what it does is help in pedalling, so it does not require so much physical effort.

Since it is not necessary to do so much exercise, it is ideal for those people who do not want to make an effort in their displacements (we will not get too much to your destination). This help makes it perfect for climbing slopes or more expensive stretches.

Electric bicycles are a good alternative to get to and from work or to make small trips, that is, for those journeys in which the short distance makes it unnecessary to take the car.

In addition, you can use the bike as the only means of transport or combine it with others such as the subway, the train or, if you live in the suburbs, the car (you can use the car parks until the return). Continue reading- THE BEST WIRELESS SPORTS HEADPHONES 2018

Here are seven reasons that will convince you to use an electric bike.

It is not necessary to have a license:electric bicycle

The motor of an electric bicycle cannot exceed 25 km / h; In addition, the power must be less than 250W. For this reason, according to current legislation, a special permit is not required. Be careful, what you will have to comply with are the traffic regulations for cyclists.

There are more and more bike lanes in cities: electric bicycle

The proliferation of bike lanes in cities is making getting a bike easier and safer. In Madrid, for example, a petition is open on Change.org to create a bike lane on the Paseo de La Castellana.

They are easier to use than normal:

Having a low centre of gravity, driving an electric bicycle is much more stable.

It is easy to find a recharging point:

You can recharge the battery of the bike in any 220v socket, so it is not difficult to find a place to recharge.

You do not always have to use it in electric mode:electric bicycle

You can disconnect the electrical system and use it as an ordinary bicycle. That is, depending on the use you want to make you can choose whether to use the help in the pedalling or not (this is also very useful if you run out of battery).

You take care of the environment:

One of its great advantages is the low pollution:

They do not have an exhaust pipe and do not emit gases. Therefore, electric bikes are a great idea to move around the city in episodes of high pollution in which the movement of certain vehicles is prohibited.

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Do not pay to park:

Its ease of movement and parking is the great advantage argued by those who use electric bikes as a means of transportation. When arriving at the destination it is necessary to pay a parking.

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