Six tips for buying wireless headphones

Six tips for buying wireless headphones

In recent years the quality of wireless headphones has improved exponentially, almost at the same pace that prices were moderating. The latest Bluetooth standards guarantee a quality audio transmission and already offer a more than sufficient autonomy for the normal user.

If you want to take advantage of the arrival of good weather to buy good headphones pay attention to these tips that will help you choose better:

Tips for buying wireless headphones

Try to make them as comfortable as possible

It seems a no-brainer, but we guarantee that there is nothing more annoying than carrying an uncomfortable headset for hours. This is especially important in in-ear models that, whenever possible, we recommend testing. Sometimes the most spectacular or aesthetic designs are not the best.

Autonomy is key

The batteries have improved a lot and the Bluetooth increasingly consume less, but it is very important that its duration is in line with the use that you are going to give. To go running, maybe two or three hours are enough, but if you plan to use them while you work, it may be worth investing a little more. Keep reading- 5 KEYS OF THE VIRTUAL REALITY GOGGLES LENOVO MIRAGE SOLO

The charging connector, better USB

These products are designed to be used outside the home, so it is not a good idea to buy one that requires cumbersome adapters to charge them. If they have a USB socket you can easily charge them anywhere, besides being able to use the portable external battery that many users carry in their backpacks.

With or without micro?

In addition to talking on the phone, the micro is interesting to send orders to your phone through virtual assistants such as Siri or Google. Our experience with the low-end headset micro is disappointing, so if the calls are going to be habitual it’s worth spending something more. If you really know that you do not need it, you can save a few euros by buying a headset without audio input.

Attention to the fastening system

A common problem with many cheap headphones is their ergonomics. They can work well if we are still, but soon after we move we will end up falling and they will be annoying. It is interesting to check that, in addition to the pad, have some additional fastening system. And come with a game in various sizes, to adapt them to the size of our ear.

Beware of imports and counterfeits

In Chinese stores, you can find quality products, but also fakes or imitations of very low quality that make the cheap expensive. On the other hand, it is interesting to have a guarantee. And the possibility of returning them if they break down over time. It is the best tips for wireless headphones.