5 keys of the virtual reality goggles lenovo mirage solo

5 keys of the virtual reality goggles lenovo mirage solo

We reviewed the keys of the Lenovo Virtual Reality glasses. So are the Lenovo Mirage Solo, independent, comfortable and powerful.

Virtual Reality is no longer a science fiction concept. Neither is a service or product foreign to the users on foot. Lenovo has been responsible for shaping current technology to make it more comfortable and accessible. And not only allows you to create content for Virtual Reality but enjoy them anywhere. And what is better, without leaving your phone inoperative. It is one of the keys of the Lenovo Mirage Solo, its most advanced glasses, which do not require a terminal to reproduce the usual contents of Virtual Reality. Although it has other very interesting points for which it also stands out. Here we review them.

Virtual reality goggles Lenovo mirage solo

ALL IN ONElenovo mirage solo

Its price may be a counter as a first impression, but you have to understand that its 400 euros meet all the equipment . You do not need anything else once you take them out of the box. The good thing about the Lenovo Mirage Solo is that they have in their design and structure everything necessary to reproduce quality Virtual Reality content. Not a computer or a powerful mobile. Simply charge your battery and enjoy the experience without wires. And they are completely autonomous with respect to other devices. Of course, they still need an Internet connection to access content, applications and other …

ERGONOMIC DESIGNlenovo mirage solo

At Lenovo, they have worked hard to create the most comfortable experience possible. Do not forget that there is a lot of technology in these glasses, and that virtual experiences involve mobility and also lightness. Its total weight is 645 grams , which allows to wear this helmet for more than half an hour without any problem. It is also really well balanced, so tilting the head with the glasses on does not make us lose balance at any time.

Special mention must be made of the comfortable headband with which to fit these glasses in our head. Only by turning the nut on the back we can fix it so that there is no problem or accident. In addition, the design has a quick extraction button . By pressing it, it is possible to partially disengage the structure of the glasses to extract them from the head quickly. It is the most comfortable. Keep reading – 5 KEY FEATURES OF THE LENOVO SMART DISPLAY


Being compatible with Google’s Daydream system opens the doors to a good amount of content and possibilities. It includes the remote control with which to control the whole experience beyond moving the head in any direction. But it also gives rise to more complex games that include this tool, or more complete experiences. All this with a good collection of contents that range from photos and immersive films, to games and experiences in which you are the real protagonist.


To create this independent helmet Lenovo has had to introduce in it all the power of a good mobile. This way you do not need to use your own and download your battery to live the experience. Well, within the Lenovo Mirage Solo we found a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and 4 GB of RAM . Of course, there is also storage space to download applications and content, with 64 GB of internal space and slot for MicroSD cards up to 256 GB more.

Of course, there is also a screen where you can see all these contents. It is 5.5 inches and reaches a maximum resolution of QHD (2560 x 1440 pixels), so the detail is assured. It is practically like carrying a high-end mobile housed in this helmet.


The complete autonomy of these glasses is not solely due to the power that their logical components include. Do not lose sight of the two cameras on the front of Lenovo’s helmet. Thanks to them, the company has included Google’s WorldSense technology. It consists of recognizing the environment in which the user is without the need for sensors installed in the room . This makes the movement more free and always adapted to each environment. And it also supposes greater comfort by not having to perform any installation in the room where you are going to play.

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