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A tablet for children really nice, this Happy Tab studied by Chicco

What we present today is a tablet for children, whose name, Happy Tab, recalls indisputably the target audience, as it happens, moreover, for all the other tablets of this kind, of which we told you about some time ago . Our Happy Tab is made ​​from bean and is designed for children who are aged between eighteen and the thirty months along with Reply, a company specializing in the creation of new products based on new communication channels and digital media, is Chicco managed to do a good job with Android.

Although sales of the tablet are falling, it's a great moment for this category. The new Dell Venue Pro 11 is a real PC in a tablet, and thanks to the new generation of chips Intel Core M generation Broadwell, needs no fans. Dell offers a glimpse of a glimpse of the future with his new Dell Venue Pro 11 7000, super modern tablet that takes advantage of the new generation of Intel Core M "Broadwell".

Good technical specifications for the new Tablet Lenovo Yoga 2: here's what you need to know on the tablets of the company

If you are looking for a good tablet, maybe the new Lenovo Yoga tablet 2 8 and 10 inch may be for you: as you will see, the data-sheet is pretty good, especially if you consider that the price is far from inaccessible ; the 8-inch model is in fact sold at $ 249, while the 10.1 only comes to 50 dollars more: we were in you, in short, we would do a little thought, especially at Christmas, when the offers and promotions will be on the day.

Huawei has officially introduced into the market the new Huawei Honor Tablet, a low-end Android device with 8-inch display and unibody aluminum chassis able to make calls and send SMS.

With the passage of time, the various manufacturers of consumer technology have increasingly accustomed to the presence of display design, hybrid or simply borrow some features or functionality from their closest cousins.

New tablet for kids? Here Amazon Kindle Fire HD Kids EditionThe new tablet for children of which we speak today is called the Amazon Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition and is in addition to the now famous Amazon offer: the company - remember him - has presented not only the new top range Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 but also two new Kindle Fire HD HD 6 and 7, the sale of which will be for only 99 euro (and this despite the technical data sheet is far from poor).

New Android tablet coming from Dell here Venue 10 with removable keyboard

It is not the first time we are featuring Dell this week: a few days ago we told you about Dell Venue 8 7000 and today we are here to offer Dell Venue 10, tablet with a much larger display than what we already know, as well that a removable keyboard that makes it, actually, a 2 in 1 perfect, based on Android.

Lenovo Horizon 2s and 2e are the two new extra large tablet that Lenovo has presented at IFA 2014

IFA Berlin 2014 was also time for Lenovo to introduce two new extra-large tablet: Lenovo called Horizon 2s and 2e, mountainous Windows 8.1 and of course they offer good value for money. I'm not really tablet - let us now - since they are designed to replace the Personal Computer, All in One as well, and therefore are much less portable than any tablet: the sector, however, is limited and it is therefore wrong to consider portability for the purposes of a general evaluation (it would be like criticizing the phablet because they are too big, when we know full well that they were designed just for a certain type of consumers).

Sony Xperia Tablet Z3 Compact was presented at IFA 2014 as the third member of the family Z3 here is a tablet that you might like it a lot

The listings Sony at IFA 2014 were numerous: we already talked about Sony Xperia and Xperia Z3 Z3 Compact, but the Z3 family includes not only the two smartphones; the Japanese giant, in fact, has also announced its new tablet, practically the tablet thinner and lighter on the market, perfect for gaming, since - as the two smartphones - the game lets you remotely.

Asus has just pride with its Asus Memo Pad 7, slim and elegant design that makes it confused with an accessory or a clutch.

I, rough and manly as Conan the Barbarian, which award a tablet that looks like much to some sort of clutch? Yes, because of all the devices that have so far been launched at IFA 2014 this is one of those that seems more pleasant and well studied.