Extends the battery of your tablet


Extends the battery of your tablet

One of the main problems we are presented with tablets and smartphones is their battery lasts and how little this. Here are some tips to make the battery last longer and you so you can save it in an emergency.

GadgetThe problem of the battery

If you own a smartphone or a tablet sure you care about the battery hold your little gadget; and that, as time passes, this increasingly holds less, reaching a point where hardly use our gadget, the battery runs out in just one day, or even less. Although puedn not do miracles in this matter as all these devices have a battery with a similar life, much as advertised else, there are a number of recommendations that you can take to hold your tablet longer, especially if you are doing a long trip with it and you need it on.

For example, you should totally lower the screen brightness. This way you can see it, but with a much lower brightness you will force a little more but will make sight more stamina on. You should also remove the possible options you have automatic download services such as Android or applications that you will update automatically.

Something that also saves a lot of battery disconnect any geo location system, so that if you’re not using your tablet will have a longer life. You only need to reconnect this service anytime to use it. Finally, if you are not using any type of connection, it is advisable to do the same with these and that connect only when you use it. This way your tablet endure those long trips where you need entertainment.