Dell Venue Pro 11: Intel Broadwell with the power of a PC in a tablet, fanless


Dell Venue Pro 11: Intel Broadwell with the power of a PC in a tablet, fanless

Although sales of the tablet are falling, it’s a great moment for this category. The new Dell Venue Pro 11 is a real PC in a tablet, and thanks to the new generation of chips Intel Core M generation Broadwell, needs no fans.

Dell offers a glimpse of a glimpse of the future with his new Dell Venue Pro 11 7000, super modern tablet that takes advantage of the new generation of Intel Core M “Broadwell”.

GadgetThe processor is the “hero” of this offer, certainly. It is a new evolutionary branch of the Core family, they belong to the various i3, i5 and i7 in their various incarnations that have given rise to the PC in recent years. In contrast to the CPU “mainstream”, however, the new Core M are made to not suffer excessive drops in performance and still make better use of the battery, waste less resources and much less heat. Less heat loss equates to greater efficiency, and the Venue Pro 11 does not need a fan for cooling, and then weighs less, is less bulky and has fewer moving parts.

The new Venue Pro has new exterior than a similar model released earlier this year, but was forced to resort to a much less exciting Atom processor. It is a tablet of large dimensions, with display 10.8 “1080p of excellent quality. Its shell is solid, the weight is not excessive and the additional keyboard makes it a laptop in every respect. Among the many products on the market today, it seems that it can use to better Windows 8.1.

It can be configured with 64GB SSD, 128GB or 256GB, and RAM can be 4GB or 8GB. Pricing starts at $ 699, which puts him easily in the high end of the tablet, and in that low for laptops – being a hybrid is really hard to pigeonhole into a single category.

Among the many machines with which you can work on the move at a relatively reasonable price, this tablet with its latest generation processor for the moment seems to have the crown of “best buy”, and is also a great gift to do for Christmas that approaches. Dell has beaten many other brands on time, with each passing week the 11 Venue Pro 7000 is not without competitors.