Lenovo Horizon 2s and 2e new XL tablet


Lenovo Horizon 2s and 2e new XL tablet

Lenovo Horizon 2s and 2e are the two new extra large tablet that Lenovo has presented at IFA 2014

IFA Berlin 2014 was also time for Lenovo to introduce two new extra-large tablet: Lenovo called Horizon 2s and 2e, mountainous Windows 8.1 and of course they offer good value for money. I’m not really tablet – let us now – since they are designed to replace the Personal Computer, All in One as well, and therefore are much less portable than any tablet: the sector, however, is limited and it is therefore wrong to consider portability for the purposes of a general evaluation (it would be like criticizing the phablet because they are too big, when we know full well that they were designed just for a certain type of consumers).

TabletLet’s see the data sheet for Lenovo Horizon 2e:

  • Multitouch Display Full-HD 21-inch;
  • Core i3-4030U;
  • 8GB RAM;
  • Hard disk 1TB;
  • GeForce GT 820 graphics card;
  • Battery with autonomy of 3 hours.

The price is $ 749, which are not many, if you consider all the hardware sector. Two hundred dollars more, however, Lenovo coast Horizon 2s, which, of course, a more powerful data-sheet:

  • Display 19.5-inch Full-HD;
  • Processor Intel Core i5-4210U;
  • Hard disk 500 GB;
  • RAM to 8 GB.

Leave a rather want the battery, let’s face it; But the rest of the cards is not all bad: we were you, however, we would look at many other offerings, especially in view of the holiday season; you know, in fact, that at this time the great opportunities are around the corner.