Intel Basis Peak, a new fitness-tracker with features smartwatch


Intel Basis Peak, a new fitness-tracker with features smartwatch

Intel and the newly acquired producer of electronic gadgets Science Basis, are preparing to launch a new wearable accessory. Intel Basis Peak is a fitness tracker with sensor for heart rate and provide certain features such as those of the smartwatch.

We begin to forward us in the autumn and the winter holidays are getting closer. This period is typically one of the most profitable for the various manufacturers of consumer electronics that aim to increase sales thanks to the races for gifts.

GadgetIt is therefore the right time to introduce new products and electronic gadgets such as smartband, the fitness tracker and smartwatch proved to be a perfect choice to compose a gift. Intel is preparing to turn to follow this trend, presenting a new wearable called Peak.

The wearable device in question has been developed and manufactured by the company known as Science Basis, a company acquired by Intel a few months ago. The nature of the main peak is that of a fitness tracker but some of its functionality will result between those of a smartwatch.

From the point of view of the Peak design does not seem particularly inspired but the materials of construction, anodized aluminum and Gorilla Glass 3, unquestionably adds a certain value; The gadget also includes features undoubtedly interesting.

Compared to the B1 Band, previous work by Basis Sience, Peak receives the most handsome equipped with a processor and a heartbeat sensor more sensitive and precise: according to the general manager Jef Holove the optical sensor, which measures the pulse through the light sent through blood vessels, will provide performance comparable to that of a water meter with chest strap.

In addition to this, the Peak possesses a Bluetooth module 4.0, which should ensure considerable autonomy, as well as a long list of sensors able to detect data such as the temperature of the skin and sweat. In addition to that, in the future, Peak will play some of the tasks of a smartwatch such as notification of calls and SMS.

Intel Basis Peak will be launched in November, will have a starting price of $ 199 and will be compatible with both Android and iOS.