Pebble SmartWatch and thinnest and lightest in the world


Pebble SmartWatch and thinnest and lightest in the world

Pebble in the Time range, we present a new proposal based on the thin (7.5 mm), lightness, of round case and especially when you wear it to any person of style and elegance, is the Pebble Time Round.

SmartwatchThis brand through the models presented under the name Time, which proposes a less blunt and more functional renewal of its first “SmartWatch” presented in 2013 through Kickstarter, having great success and acceptance at the time. Rolling out this new watch in its catalog, with a circular dial, makes direct competition with the side that most manufacturers are following these smart watches over this year, while more reminiscent watches all life, which first saw the Moto 360 and has been the most successful so far.

All specifications are the same as has the Time Steel and there SDK to adapt by applications developers to the circular shape of this watch.

We have to choose two belt sizes (20mm and 14mm) with five different styles and three housing colors (silver, black and pink gold limited edition 14mm), autonomy about two days and charged to endure an entire day in 15 minutes . It is not water resistant, only. It costs $ 249.99, and can be ordered through the web and come in November. The funny thing is that having superimposed on as who have already asked the Time Steel, Pebble, offers the possibility of having the two 30-day trial, and decide which is most appropriate after that time, it is a detail for “backers “who have trusted this company.