EDF Watch, E-Ink that changes the look at the touch of a button


EDF Watch, E-Ink that changes the look at the touch of a button

EDF Watch is an interesting project. This clock can change its design with a touch of hands. The intervention can create a range of combinations.

Watch The EDF is not a smartwatch, but a clock modeled around the body of the people, as products of wearable technologies. In this case it extends the user’s sensory abilities and provides technological assistance, but with an input meets an emotional need wearer’s wrist, which can adapt to the tastes of the moment or his state of mind, at least in terms look.

WatchThe timepiece, from China, uses the E-Ink technology, which reflects the ambient light as a sheet of paper, both on the display (as in conventional use) that on the strap, creating alchemy color to great effect, ready to impress the ‘ user and how many can admire these sudden transformations, capable of upsetting the aesthetic look of the product, creating a wide range of compositions.

The technology invented in 1996 by Joe Jacobson and used for the most popular eBook readers, becomes in this context a kind of work of prestige, which changes the look of the watch at the touch of a button on the side. The video gives us a valuable representation of its operation. Looking at the frames, one is struck by the easy fast the game is done.

By combining the various options of the top with the strap, there are twenty-four different models to choose from within the same object. The model should land on the market early next year. The start-up that has developed in recent times has completed the collection of resources through crowdfunding.