So watch electronic ink Sony, already knew


So watch electronic ink Sony, already knew

Sony is preparing a clock in which electronic ink is starring as it extends along the entire device, strap included. At that time we chose to illustrate the FES Watch the news, since the idea was the same.

SmartwatchIt turns out that a couple of days later found out that this watch is precisely what Sony has in the oven. At least it is the same firm that is working on it, a startup that somehow belongs to Sony (has a relationship with one of its divisions).

We consider people from Wall Street Journal, also informing us that “Fashion Entertainments startup” is responsible for designing and experimenting future devices, not yet produced.

The watch is very thin, has little intention of being intelligent and committed to surprise us with its flexibility and chameleon body.

Having no need for complicated processes, and through the use of electronic ink, autonomy clock with a load is 60 days.

Watch FES is now more of which Sony is developing with electronic ink technology as a star like e-bow bow tie prototype.