Garmin vivosmart, a little fitness tracker, a little smartwatch


Garmin vivosmart, a little fitness tracker, a little smartwatch

Wisely Garmin tip its products even outside the world of GPS navigators now in decline, to devote much attention to the fitness tracker.

Garmin is particularly strong in this period, partly because the field of satellite navigation esattametne is not intended to find a possible growth. From the world leader in GPS, in short, Garmin has evolved into sports and fitness tracker tracker, and his new Garmin vivosmart is an even more advanced, which draws on the technology of its smartwatch. The brand is good: the competition is very strong in this environment.

SmartwatchIts AMOLED screen is not very visible, even when turned off because it is opaque and seems to fit perfectly with the stem and the rubber strap. A display that is useful to the notifications, helping vibration. Like all fitness tracker that you meet, offers the user objectives, and help you achieve a lifestyle more active and dynamic.

Among the information provided are now, steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned. But there’s also the encouragement to achieve goals and the distance required to pull it off. The vivosmart can also control the playback of music and especially the app connects with Garmin Connect, which are more or less on all smart phone platforms.


The device is water resistant, and comes with 50m of depth, so do not be worried by showers and swimming pools. And do not torment the soul with the refills, they should do it once every seven days, at least until the battery is too old. The connection to the smartphone is necessary, movement and takes place via Bluetooth, of course.

The price is decent for a fitness tracker, being € 166 or € 199 with the heart rate monitor (a separate accessory).