New Google Chromebox for meetings, Asus and Google collaborate for meetings up to 20 participants


New Google Chromebox for meetings, Asus and Google collaborate for meetings up to 20 participants

Asus and Google are collaborating on a new Chromebox, yes expensive but not too much, because you can manage meetings of up to twenty participants simultaneously; currently, the target market is the United States of America, but it is said that the device should be relegated only to the US: in fact, since the sector is to Enterprise / Business, we can assume no doubt the arrival in other markets. But let’s go, and let’s see how it works and how it is made ​​the new Google Chromebox.

GoogleThe product is designed to handle meetings up to twenty people in the best way: it is based on a USB camera with full HD resolution pan-tilt-zoom; this means, for those not familiar, the lens can be rotated and can also zoom quite accurate; in addition to the camera, there is a pair of microphones, with the addition of a pair of speakers, allowing it to diffuse the sound particularly large meeting rooms. The new Google Chromebox allows, finally, to connect two monitors for a better viewing experience than usual it is clear, then, that Google and Asus have teamed up to offer the best to the end consumer.

Currently, Google Chromebox does not have a technology that the Mountain View company should lead very early in the package: it is a necessary technology to dramatically improve the screen sharing – important in any match – and a panel-controls easy to manage on several occasions. Strengths Chromebox for meetings also include ease of installation and frequent updating of the software.

For those unwilling to spend 2 thousand dollars, Chromebox for the meeting it is still affordable in the good old version designed for eight people.

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