The WiFi Router by Google

Google WiFi Router

The WiFi Router by Google

In this final stretch of the year, and still leaving some technological official appointments, there is still room for surprises and releases outside these dates as expected, in the case of OnHub, how to understand and facilitate the WiFi signal at home. With a cylindrical shape and a look that looks great in any corner of the house, colors, blue or black, and a specification that promise to wireless quality and homogeneously in all corners of the house.

Google WiFi RouterIts configuration is as simple as possible through application, such as Chromecast with this app (Google On app) may interact to solve problems and give opinion on improvements, and of course, have an easy password recall and even share it with someone else. Also you know at all times inside or outside the home devices that are connected and the consumption of each.

Continuing with the benefits of this new device from Google, the proposal provides a prior is full of advantages:

  • Prioritize the device that needs more signal at all times (reaches withstand up to 128).
  • Through software keeps the best possible connection and analyzes each network for easy installation.
  • Its use over time according to the company will be the longest possible, providing several transfer protocols and development platforms, as Weave, IEEE 802.15.4 and Bluetooth Smart Ready to extend its features as required.
  • Updates at no time interfere with the input signal and its advanced features take care of security.

It costs $ 199.99 and you can make reservations, as the site is currently available for the US and Canada.