Google Security Key, the safety key is updated with new features


Google Security Key, the safety key is updated with new features

Google Security Key allows the user to take advantage of exciting new features here all updates …

Google Security Key is updated with exciting new features, and this is very positive for those who already possess it and who use it frequently.

Safety For the uninitiated, we’re talking about a key launched last year by Google that allows you to unlock access to all sites related to the company at the touch of a button: you should not have any code, and this greatly simplifies users’ lives, given the services associated with our Google account (besides the fact that operate through a key that only I have is much safer than any other solution currently scheduled).

Google is very satisfied with the results obtained with its Security Key, and, because of the progress made ​​by the team working on the project, has officially announced that the key will be updated with new features: everything was written on the official blog Google for Work, where Google explained that the directors of Google Drive account for Work to manage and control the use of the safety key to shared files without installing additional programs; versatility ensured, therefore, for a product that does not cost much either.

A good buying opportunity

Google Security Key is in fact sold at a price of 5 euro: my advice is to give it a little thought, because it is excessive spending, and yet we greatly simplifies certain routine procedures. If, good shopping!