Audio Chromecast and Chromecast 2 and the two veteran updates “stick” of Google media

Google Media

Audio Chromecast and Chromecast 2 and the two veteran updates “stick” of Google media

In the presentation of Google we saw something that we asked for months, Chromecast 2 update multimedia stick of Google, which made us interact our Android devices with our TV, which although it proved to be a good idea and was the best been a little late, much more when compared with the competition. So somehow his presence on stage was quite predictable, which does not expect it to come accompanied with a “brother” who would be responsible only appearance music.

Google Media Chromecast 2 and Audio Chromecast come to shake the market as two totally required at this time, and this is in all respects as one of its main features is its low cost, so that insurance will reach many more users.

Chromecast 2

Instead of a gadget as long as wide, the new Chromecast is completely round and has an integrated HDMI cable. The design is still very compact, but the design must allow easier place in the back of the TV. It comes in three colors: red, yellow and black.

One of the most frequent complaints the previous Chromecast was his poor Wi-Fi connectivity, but Google says that this version is much better. It powered by the latest 802.11ac both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks standard. Google showed off its new adaptive antenna system, which comes with three supposedly help improve the stability of the stream under different conditions.

Chromecast still requires the use of a device (tablet or phone) Android, because it does not have a remote control as others of their “kind”, although Google that should not be a major problem as he was concerned to create a renewed application Android to use this device, an application that provides access to all devices connected to your network Chromecast and also allows other users to transmit from their phones to your TV. The application also allows us to make “popular” searches across applications this available, an example is now made in the presentation where a search for “X-Files” was performed and results identified both Netflix and Hulu.

In presenting the Chrome 2+ we could see the new Fast Play feature, which allows some apps like Netflix prepare content to play under certain criteria of use or user behavior, I mean, if you’re on your couch determined to see a complete season in a series, this will be able to guess that if you’re watching an episode after another and thus internally, start loading several minutes the next chapter, so that when you get to that chapter you can see it without problems, it’s like the typical buffer Of video. While watching the first three chapters of “X” series will already storing the data in Chapter 4 so that you have no problems playing on slow connections, for example.

Google also announced several more apps that will be compatible with your Cast video transmission system (for an app work with Chromecast, developers must enable support). One of the main is Spotify, which has long was a function calling Chromecast users.

Within the Apps that we find in this new Chromecast be: Showtime, Sling TV and several sports apps will also have official streaming of NBA, NHL and NFL Sunday Ticket. Google photos also will be present in this version of Chromecast.

Chromecast Audio

The people of Google is very careful to present multimedia, and while it is true that videos, series and movies are part of popular taste, it is also true that in the last year, streaming music services have taken a leading role until recently nobody could imagine, so much so that Apple had no choice but to launch a music service itself to not let the profits of such services in the pockets of services like Spotify.

If there is a north Chromcast whose video playback, it was necessary also put in the spotlight at the Google Store a device that was transformed into a faithful companion of those who like to consume music in their day to day, and appears Chromecast Audio, a device that is responsible for bringing music to your home, your office or wherever you want as your equal size -at the Chromecast 2- lets you carry in your shirt pocket if you like.

Chromecast Audio is a USD $ 35 device that uses Wi-Fi to stream music from applications such as Spotify, Pandora and iHeartRadio. Powered by Google Cast protocol, that connects to your stereo. It comes with a 3.5 mm connector and a package that allows you to connect to a stereo. It will also connect through a stereo RCA cable system includes an optical output for users who want to use an external processor or receiver.

Chromecast Audio is designed to transmit music to several rooms, Google says this feature will have to wait for an update later this year.

One of the functions of this new device is the “guest mode” mode that will allow any guests to your home to connect your Android device and play your music without the need to grant permits or security credentials WiFi.

This device may be compared with others that provide more or less the same alternative and even a little more options like Rocki Gramofon player and Fon, but when price and performance is compared to Google has the upper hand because in some cases can cost half the other, and if you than enough with an output of 3.5 mm, no more to say, your alternative choice is undoubtedly that of Google.

So Google gives us two new devices that we hope will soon be in our hands to make a complete analysis of both, and while it is hasty cataloged as the best option in the market, both paint to be so, and if they come hand of Google is no doubt that this will have a good ending.