Even Google Glass depart for a space mission


Even Google Glass depart for a space mission

The Google Glass are ready to take a ride on the space here is what will be used and who will accompany

The Google Glass are not out yet on Earth, yet already they are ready to get a ride on the space: a paradox, in short, but is justified in advertising campaigns “to Samsung,” which – as you know – highlight the strengths of device, even in extreme conditions; think again: for an average consumer who does not know the Google Glass, will certainly be amazing – but it’s also interesting for the more experienced, to tell the truth – that the new technology company in Mountain View has come to the Space Station International. Let’s see all the details.

googleThe glasses will help a team of astronauts and biologists who will leave in a few days from the Kennedy Space Station in Florida, to reach the ISS: the aim is to study some aquatic micro-organisms, the Plathyelminthes ‘tapeworms’, and the way in which reproduce in the space in the absence of gravity. The mission will start on December 16 and this is really a big satisfaction for the team to work on Google Glass: Kentucky Space, in fact, will use the Glass as viewers of augmented reality in the pre and post-flight.

It is not yet the time, unfortunately for Google, to use the Glass to thoroughly study the microorganisms. This does not mean, however, that the glasses will not be important: the use of technology in Mountain View, in fact, is part of a project that aims to confirm the effectiveness of ‘interface of Google Glass in such missions type and even for internal purposes. The team will return to Earth true mid-January and then we will know if Google will be able to take home his first successes in this tide of negative news.