Contact lenses smart for Google, today recognized the paternity company


Contact lenses smart for Google, today recognized the paternity company

Google is thrown on medicine and experiments contact lenses smart: today recognized the paternity of the patent by the USPTO.

Contact lenses smart Google, those that were simple contact lenses wireless, have become reality: not that before were only the rumors, those on their existence; but today we learned that the USPTO ‘United States Patent and Trademark Office’ has recognized the company’s Mountain View authorship of the patent that describes the technology in question, which means, therefore, that the contact lenses smart Google may arrive early on the market (“soon” so to speak, since the approval of a patent does not mean of course the marketing of the product to which it refers). But let’s take stock of this new technology.

gadgetIn the pages of this documentation on contact lenses smart says that the lenses will have a sensor in one of the layers of the lens: this sensor will be connected to a chip placed in another layer, and thanks to this chip will fail to work . The lenses are held thanks to a polymeric housing, on which, however, little is known. Sure, however, is the possibility that such a device can allow the correction of astigmatism and other eye defects: as bracelet studied cancer and the tablet made ​​to fight Ebola , these lenses, in short, have an order that has nothing to do with entertainment.

We do not know much about the new technologies developed by Google, nor is it yet clear whether we are in the presence of the same slow wireless which was mentioned long ago (and on which you will find the details in the article that follows, dating back to January 14, 2014). Apparently so, and it seems that Google has serious intentions: we’ll see how this technology will evolve and if will prove really useful as always. Obviously, we will update you.

Google X to work, contact lenses wireless coming?

Someone still Google, because here there is a risk that with Google X conquer the whole world: after its entry into the world of smartphones and it has enhanced its services, the company would have begun to experience in the medical field; and if you think we’re kidding or whether it’s a hoax, you are mistaken: the company of Larry Page really working on technologies that could revolutionize human life.

At the moment, unfortunately, we do not have many details about the company’s plans, but the debut in modern medicine – someone will undoubtedly have imagined – not unexpected, since it can be traced back to the Google Glass : with these technologies, in fact, operations were carried out in hospitals and one of the “problems” of Google is just to wear glasses intelligent outside the operating rooms, reflecting the fact that it is there that are having greater success.