Headphones Ferrari Cavallino T250, for a Christmas 2014 rampant


Headphones Ferrari Cavallino T250, for a Christmas 2014 rampant

With Christmas approaching 2014 is perhaps appropriate to begin to take a look at possible gifts hi-tech, maybe designer, period.

In the catalog of the Ferrari Store there are several gadgets that lend themselves to the choice for a cadeau signed, maybe to do or what to do on the occasion of Christmas 2014 , now more and more close to the horizon. Among the options we chose the headphones T250 On Ear leather, inspired by the excellence of craftsmanship GT cars. The name gives a figure that fills the hearts of fans of emotions.

GadgetThat of the Ferrari 250 is a family of high rank, who wrote the history of the car. Could not resist the charm of these jewels motorsports. Their name is the delight of connoisseurs who love the noble race, engraved so brilliant anthology of Maranello.

The parts of the series are real masterpieces to four wheels, artwork of absolute value, before which one remains speechless. The value millionaire makes objects of high collectors, but their value is not dependent on certain economic value, as the great content that bring with them, in the various dimensions in which they are expressed.

Choose this symbol for headphones of which we are concerned was the fruit of the desire to pay homage to the best tradition of the brand. Although the gadget in question does not have an exorbitant cost, are performed with gusto. The surfaces are pleasing to the eye and perfectly worked.

Earphones and the band have a leather fine and are supported by strong arms and metal cases that ensure durability, giving at the same time a design that impresses.

T250 headphones with 40mm drivers, are compatible with all the latest devices. Equipped with bearings with ultra-soft breathable materials, offer comfort suitable profile. Folded twice, thanks to the ergonomic design, can be stored in its case, saving space. The price touches share 195 euro.