Hello Kitty headphones signed Beats by Dr. Dre


Hello Kitty headphones signed Beats by Dr. Dre

Sometimes the technological universe is allowed marriages of high media value, for the appeal of signatures called into question. Today we have a confirmation.

Hello Kitty celebrates its fortieth birthday with a special collection of headphones developed with the collaboration of Beats by Dr. Dre, maison audio sponsored by rapper Dr. Dre and the managing director of the record label Interscope-Geffen-A & M Jimmy Iovine.

GadgetThe landing on the market of these new items arrive in a few weeks from Christmas and New Year, enriching the range of choice of customers eager to buy something special for a cadeau to do or what to do at this stage of the year.

In the range there is the lightweight headset “Hello Kitty urBeats”, offered in the US market at a price of $ 149.95. The highlight however, is the version of the theme Solo¬≤ headphones, which have a central role in the company list of brand stars and stripes.

Is renewed with a new look, then, a proposal known audio music lovers high definition, where the sound is tuned to the emotions, in a blend of design, technology, performance and comfort for long listening experiences, in the enjoyment the seven notes.

These headphones are keen to offer crystal-clear voice and want to recreate the experience intended by the artist at the time of the composition of their songs. To achieve it, the engineers have used their expertise in order to achieve higher fidelity sound reproduction.

Does not change the aesthetic philosophy, with a linear look, soft and elegant, as the starting point, which, however, becomes more effervescent with the homage to Hello Kitty. The commercial debut, on world markets, is scheduled for mid-November.

At that point, the lovers of the note created by the Japanese company Sanrio cat may enjoy an option of choice developed to measure. The sales price in the US amounted to $ 249.95.