Project Morpheus, Sony revealed the new prototype viewer for virtual reality


Project Morpheus, Sony revealed the new prototype viewer for virtual reality

At the Games Developer Conference 2015 in San Francisco, Sony has revealed many details about the new prototype of the viewer to the Virtual Reality Project Morpheus, modified based on user feedback.

The last few days seem to have been quite profitable for the emerging field of devices for the virtual reality that is being enriched with new ideas and projects, and it seems just to be the next focus of interest of consumer technology.

gadgetDuring the Mobile World Congress in 2015 have made ​​their appearance two new gadgets the second Samsung Gear VR, intended for use with Galaxy S6 , HTC Lives, developed by HTC in collaboration with Steam.

Even Sony has presented something, in this case, addressing the audience of the Games Developer Conference 2015 in San Francisco, being 2 to 6 March. The name of the headset for Virtual Reality of the Japanese knew him already, Project Morpheus , but the details published until now was not many.

That revealed by Sony a few hours ago is the second prototype of the gadget introduced in 2014, again at the GDC. Allegedly by the company spokesman, this model has been improved following feedback and suggestions. Brings a display of 5.7 inches with panel OLED and resolution Full HD defined 1920 x RGB x 1080 – each pixel contains the sub-pixel “red, green and blue” according to the claims made ​​by Yoshida – with a refresh rate of 120hz, double the previous prototype.

Sony is therefore very close to complete their project: the company plans to market the Morpheus, who is destined to be an accessory for the console PlayStation 4 within the first half of 2016 .

Technical Features

  • Component: Processor unit, helmet Virtual Reality
  • Display: OLED
  • Screen Size: 5.7 inches
  • Screen resolution: 1920 × RGB × 1080 (960 × RGB × 1080 per eye)
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz, 60Hz
  • Field of view: Approximately 100 °
  • Sensors: Accelerometo, Gyroscope
  • Connections: HDMI + USB
  • Functionality: 3D audio, Social Screen

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