The Astro A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro 2017: Analysis for Gamers

The Astro A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro 2017: Analysis for Gamers

The Astro A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro 2017: Analysis for Gamers

The Astro A40 TR headset and MixAmp Pro 2017 combo unit offer a premium audio experience designed for competitive gamers. Astro Gaming developed this unit to provide clear and balanced game sound with highly customizable controls and options. With the MixAmp Pro’s tuning capabilities and Astro Command Center software, gamers can optimize audio settings for nearly any competitive gaming environment.

Astro’s Roots in Competitive Gaming Audio

Astro Gaming launched in 2006 to elevate audio for professional and hardcore gamers. The company’s name comes from the word “astronomy” – hinting at the “cosmic” and immersive audio experience Astro aims to provide.

Astro’s first product was the A30 headset in 2007. This over-ear, closed-back model featured a uni-directional microphone and in-line mixer controls for balancing game and chat audio. The A30 demonstrated Astro’s focus on audio quality, comfort, and controls tailored for gaming.

In 2008, Astro introduced the A40 headset, which delivered a bigger soundstage and better overall audio than the A30. This was followed up in 2010 by the MixAmp, a multichannel surround sound mixer allowing gamers to toggle between stereo and simulated surround modes.

The MixAmp also enabled gamers to adjust the balance between game and voice chat audio without taking their hands off the controller – a valuable benefit for competitive play. The MixAmp quickly became a staple for major gaming tournaments thanks to its ability to adapt to different scenarios.

The Astro A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro 2017: Analysis for Gamers

The Current A40 TR and MixAmp Pro TR – Astro’s Tournament Ready System

Building on years of refinement, Astro released the A40 TR headset and MixAmp Pro TR in 2016 as their new “tournament ready” system. Both units feature significant upgrades making them Astro’s most versatile and best sounding products to date.

What’s New in the A40 TR Headset

The A40 TR represents an evolution of Astro’s headset line. Key changes over previous A40 models include:

  • Open-back ear cup design: Provides a bigger soundstage and increased spatial imaging for pinpointing enemy locations in FPS games. The open-back design also reduces ear fatigue over long gaming sessions.
  • Improved drivers: The newly engineered 40mm drivers deliver more detailed sound across the frequency spectrum. Every effect and audio cue comes through with clarity.
  • Removable microphone: The flexible boom mic easily snaps on and off the headset as needed. When detached, the A40 TR functions as a regular pair of around-the-neck headphones.
  • Refined industrial design: Astro focused on improving comfort and durability. The A40 TR features thicker headband padding, lightweight construction, and a streamlined shape for optimal ergonomics.
  • Custom speaker tags:Magnetic customizable speaker tags allow you to show off your unique style and gamer tag.

The A40 TR represents the most precise and well-built gaming headset Astro has ever made. It provides excellent directional audio for competitive play and all-day comfort for immersive gaming sessions.

MixAmp Pro TR – Fine-Tuned Controls and Customization

Meanwhile, the MixAmp Pro TR builds on Astro’s best-selling mixer with enhanced controls and deeper sound customization:

  • Integrated headset port: The A40 TR plugs directly into the MixAmp Pro TR – no more cable splitters needed! The mixer has a dedicated A40 TR port.
  • Refined controls: Along with master volume and game/chat balance dials, there’s now a multi-function button to cycle through EQ presets and Dolby Digital surround sound modes. Large controls are easy to adjust mid-game without looking.
  • Onboard stream output: The MixAmp includes a stream output to easily capture your game audio when broadcasting or recording gameplay. Set up is fast and seamless.
  • Expanded EQ presets: The MixAmp offers three different EQ presets tuned for different types of competitive gaming – first person shooters, racing games, etc. The presets optimize certain frequencies to highlight subtle audio cues in each game genre.
  • Dolby Digital 7.1 surround: Switch between immersive simulated surround sound or dial in precise stereo audio for hardcore competitive play. There’s also a dedicated streaming mode.
  • Works on all platforms: The MixAmp Pro TR works seamlessly with PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Mac, and mobile devices for the ultimate versatility. Connect to nearly any sound source.

With so many tuning options at your fingertips, the MixAmp Pro TR helps you take command of game sound and focus on winning.

Astro Command Center Software – Unlock Total Audio Control

While the A40 TR and MixAmp Pro TR function beautifully together right out of the box, downloading Astro’s free Command Center software unlocks a new level of audio customization.

The Command Center app connects to your MixAmp Pro TR via USB, providing an intuitive desktop interface for tweaking every aspect of your gaming audio. Key features include:

Granular Mix Controls

Adjust not only overall balance but also finer channel levels across game audio, chat, auxiliary sources, microphone input, and stream output. Get the exact mix you want with just a few clicks.

Dialed-in EQ Shaping

Take your pick from various equalizer presets for different games, or craft your own custom EQ settings down to the 1/10th decibel across 7 frequency bands from 31Hz to 16kHz.

Noise Gate for Clear Comms

Set a noise gate threshold to filter out ambient background noise on your microphone input. Keep voice comms crisp and clear even when gaming in a noisy environment.

Per Profile Settings

Store your EQ, mixing levels, and noise gate presets as unique profiles for different games. Switch profiles in an instant to optimize audio for each title.

Thanks to the Command Center, you can mold and structure game sound to match your personal preferences and maximize competitive advantage. The A40 TR and MixAmp Pro TR offer unmatched versatility.

Design and Controls – Built for Competition and All-Day Gaming

As you’d expect from a premium Astro headset, the A40 TR delivers exceptional comfort for intense gaming sessions along with intuitive controls.

Ergonomic Open-Back Design

The A40 TR features a sleek open-back design with extra padding and adjustable fit. An open-back construction provides airy, natural sound while reducing heat buildup around your ears. The ear cups tilt and rotate to fit optimized left/right positions.

Soft cushioning across the memory foam ear pads and floating headband minimizes pressure for long-term comfort. The durable matte finish resists scratches and fingerprints. Removing the microphone transforms the A40 TR into a versatile set of headphones.

At just 12.7 ounces, the super lightweight A40 TR is comfortable enough to wear for hours of continuous gaming. You’ll stay cool and focused.

Convenient In-Line Controls

All key controls are built into the cable connecting each ear cup. Adjust volume or mic mute instantly without fumbling for on-headset buttons. The in-line remote Talk Back cable also lets you quickly change EQ presets and toggle Dolby Digital modes.

Everything is designed for fast adjustments mid-game using just touch and feel – keeping your eyes on the action at all times.

MixAmp Pro and Base Station

The MixAmp Pro TR mixer provides large, clearly labeled dials for core features like master volume, game/chat balance, and EQ preset selection. No more squinting at tiny indicators and buttons.

The mixer connects to your gaming system via USB and optical audio, blending game sounds and chat while piping everything through to the headset.

For power, the MixAmp docks into the included Base Station. This small hub powers the MixAmp, charges controllers, and provides additional USB ports for added accessories and cable management. It’s an elegant all-in-one command station.

Mod Kits and Customization

As the “TR” name suggests, the Astro A40 TR and MixAmp Pro TR are designed for eSports tournaments but are equally great for at-home gaming. Both units are mod-friendly and customizable.

The A40 TR comes packaged with a mod kit featuring interchangeable headband padding, ear cushions, mic tips, and speaker tags (in a choice of four colors). Swap components to match your style and gaming environment.

The speaker tags attach magnetically, making it easy to add your own custom 3D printed tags or team logo design. Similarly, the MixAmp Pro TR and Base Station feature removable faceplates if you wish to reskin them.

Make the system yours by tailoring to your personal look and feel. Both pros and casual gamers appreciate this degree of customization.

Versatility Across Gaming Platforms

A key strength of the Astro A40 TR and MixAmp Pro TR system is cross-platform versatility. Astro designed both units to work across Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Mac, mobile, and pretty much any device with a headphone jack or USB port.

Full Xbox Compatibility

Simply connect the MixAmp Pro TR to your Xbox console via USB and optical, then plug the A40 TR headset into the MixAmp. You’ll automatically get perfectly blended game and chat audio.

Thanks to full Xbox certification, you can even take advantage of Microsoft Spatial Sound – no Dolby Atmos license required.

Control game/chat balance and EQ presets through the Xbox UI or Astro Command Center app on Windows/Mac. The A40 TR also works great for Xbox Game Pass and xCloud game streaming.

Seamless PlayStation Setup

For PlayStation 4 and PS5, it’s the same straightforward setup: USB and optical connections from the MixAmp to console, then headset to MixAmp. The MixAmp decodes all 3D PS5 audio for an optimized experience.

You can toggle EQ modes and other settings right through the PlayStation menu or Command Center. No extra cables or splitters required – just plug and play.

PC and Mac Compatibility

Connect to your Windows or Mac computer via USB for game audio, chat, and full Command Center app support.

For the best quality, optical is recommended if your PC/Mac has an optical port. This allows the MixAmp to decode multi-channel surround sound from games.

Thanks to onboard controls and channel mixing, the A40 TR provides a complete audio solution for computer gaming with no extra software or drivers needed.

Mobile Gaming and Music

The MixAmp Pro TR powers the A40 TR headphones passively for use with smartphones, tablets, Nintendo Switch, and any device with a 3.5mm jack.

Passive operation provides a pure stereo signal – perfect for mobile gaming or listening to music on the go. Just swap to the included A40 TR cable with inline mute control.

Experiencing the Astro A40 TR and MixAmp Pro TR

Experiencing the Astro A40 TR and MixAmp Pro TR

Now that we’ve covered the A40 TR and MixAmp Pro TR’s features and setup, what is it actually like to game with Astro’s tournament-ready system? Simply put, it’s an incredibly fun and immersive audio experience.

Balanced Competitive Game Audio

Hopping into a competitive multiplayer match, the first thing you notice is how clearly all game audio comes through. Enemy footsteps and gunfire ring out distinctly from specific locations, helping you react faster. Vocal callouts cut through clean without getting lost in the mix.

Thanks to the open-back design and 40mm drivers, the A40 TR headset provides a wide, accurate soundstage. You can easily pinpoint threats based on subtle audio cues. The sound isolation focuses your ears solely on game sounds.

You’ll hear – and therefore see – enemies sooner, staying a step ahead of the competition.

Custom Tailored EQ

Tweaking the EQ presets to fit your personal taste makes a huge difference. For example, bumping up the mid range frequencies in a first-person shooter helps highlight footsteps and reloads.

Lowering the bass prevents explosions from masking other important sounds. You can optimize EQ differently for multiplayer versus single-player games.

Immersive Cinematic Single-Player Audio

Switching to a story-driven adventure or RPG, you’ll enjoy beautifully immersive game audio with the A40 TR. Iconic scores, stylized sound effects, and emotive voice acting all shine. Deep bass brings action sequences to life.

For more chilled out games, lowering the volume and switching to a flat EQ preset effectively turns the A40 TR into a set of regular reference headphones.

Clear Communication

Thanks to the flexible boom mic and MixAmp controls, voice chat comes through loud and clear. You can position the mic perfectly and fine-tune input levels. This ensures teammates hear you accurately during intense multiplayer matches.

Use sidetone monitoring to hear your own voice in the headset so you never have to second-guess your volume or positioning.

All-Day Comfort

The plush memory foam ear cushions and floating headband minimize pressure on your head, even during marathon sessions. You barely notice the 12.7 ounce headset.

Breathable ear cup padding prevents overheating and sweat buildup. You remain cool and focused hour after hour. The A40 TR’s durable construction also withstands the rigors of daily gaming.

Final Impression

For both competitive and cinematic gaming audio, the Astro A40 TR headset and MixAmp Pro TR mixer live up to their “tournament-ready” moniker. The highly customizable sound, intuitive controls, and cross-platform design make this bundle a joy to game with.

No matter your gaming environment, the A40 TR and MixAmp Pro TR system helps realize your full audio potential. Competitive players gain an undeniable edge, while casual gamers become fully immersed in epic adventures.

From the first-person shooter battlefield to your favorite RPG world, Astro’s premium gear ensures you hear game worlds exactly as developers intended – crystal clear and professionally tuned, much like the precision and sophistication embodied in MOTOROLA MOTO HINT, very special Bluetooth headsets.

If you demand the very best high-fidelity, customizable sound for Xbox, PlayStation, PC and beyond, the Astro A40 TR headset and MixAmp Pro TR mixer system belongs in your gaming arsenal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the Astro A40 TR and A50 headsets?

The A40 TR uses a wired USB/3.5mm connection, while the A50 is a wireless headset. The A40 TR generally provides better sound quality and costs less, but the A50 offers more convenience and mobility.

Does the MixAmp Pro TR work with other headphones?

Yes, the MixAmp Pro TR functions as a standalone amp/mixer that drives any passive stereo headphone. However, it’s optimized for the A40 TR.

How do I update firmware on the MixAmp Pro TR?

Firmware updates are applied automatically via USB when connected to a PC/Mac running the Astro Command Center app. Keep firmware updated for best performance.

What platforms are the A40 TR and MixAmp Pro TR compatible with?

They work seamlessly with Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. The MixAmp handles all audio processing.

Can I use the A40 TR wirelessly?

The A40 TR only functions as a wired headset. However, Astro does sell an optional A40 TR Pro Cable with Astro Audio Transmitter to enable wireless use on Xbox/PC.