Wi Fi Tag

We must have heard of stories from old people, who keep telling stories about getting robbed when they were travelling in those days, when travelling was not that safe and when there were not many provisions to call police or communicate with people. However the scene has not changed, people are still getting robbed, and the chances are high when you are travelling to a different place. Not being aware and familiar with places, people fall prey to such robberies and lose money and valuables. However this is for those who travel abroad or travel to foreign places. But there is another kind of thief these days, this thief isn't found on a foreign land, this thief can be found at a local shop. The worst part is that you might get robbed and yet you might not know. This thief is cannot be recognized as he is robs in secret. This thief is none other than hackers that rob your data and identity, from your mobile.

Are you one of those suffering for better coverage of Wi Fi at home? This device can be what you were looking for

A wireless Internet coverage throughout the house seemed inescapable subject to two conditions:technical knowledge (ie, being a capo in IT) and probably buy any additional expensive equipment.

This week I tried the PowerLine AV 500 Wireless N Mini Starter Kit and the experience was excellent.